From Forbes: From Idea to Business: Follow Your Dream

So let’s begin. What is your dream? All award-winning entrepreneurs have had a dream and followed it. Do you have a dream to follow?

Do you have a dream? There’s never been a better time to begin a new business.

Now is a good to time to start

If so, I believe you qualify to begin the first step. You should know there has never been a better time to follow your dream and turn it into a reality. Having a dream is the key. Sadly, I have seen scores of individuals who have had a terrific idea, a great concept, but for one reason or another were unable to follow their dream to start and grow a new enterprise–whatever the case, they never left the couch and the dream died, never to be followed.

Over the years, great companies have been built by innovators who saw an opportunity and had an inspired thought on how they might meet customer needs.


What is the origin of inspiration? Most entrepreneurs tell me ideas come as if they were mining for gold. They sift through thousands of dull stones until they find a bright and shining one. The key is to start the process with a broad funnel of possibilities from which pure gold will be collected from the narrow filtered end.

There are many mountains to mine. Which ones should you select? As an investor who reviews thousands of business plans every year, I particularly recommend you investigate the following:

1) Distributive technologies

2) New resource discoveries

3) Demographic changes

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