From Forbes: It’s 2012 And B2B And B2C Companies Still Don’t Get It

Someone please find me a wall so I may bang my head against it over and over.

Was reading an article earlier today on eMarketer which delved into one particular finding of a survey conducted by customer experience management software company Satmetrix. Upon completing said reading of said article I came to the conclusion that this is not 2012, but rather 2005, 2006, somewhere in that ballpark.

Why did I come to this conclusion?

Well let me share with you this one particular finding from the survey, which dealt with the overall  use of social media by B2B and B2C companies around the world, and you tell me what year you think it is based on the findings.

Here’s how the folks at eMarketer positioned the findings, this was the headline they went with: “Companies Use Social to Track and Follow Up on Brand Mentions.”

Are you kidding me?

Oh, here’s the other chart, the one that shows how US companies are leading the way:

Look, I surely don’t mean to come down on the folks at eMarketer but to put a positive spin on something so negative, at least in my humble opinion, just doesn’t make any sense.

Someone reading their article would think marketers collectively, at least B2C marketers, are doing a great job and they “get it” especially when compared to their B2B brethren when in fact it is just the opposite.

How, in today’s day and age, with so many tools and options available, many of the free variety – could ALL companies at the very least not be doing some kind of tracking of what’s being said about them online in the social space?

There is one part of their article, however, I did like: “Consumers are discussing companies online, offering advice and even criticizing brands, whether or not these brands are active in the social space.”

Of course I am reading this thinking “I cannot believe there are businesses out there who either a) don’t know this or b) needed to be reminded of it.

Now if it were me and I was writing about this finding, the headline would’ve been something along the lines of “It’s 2012 Mr. & Mrs. Brand, Why Are You Still Not Getting It?”

Here’s the ubiquitous red, black and gray eMarketer chart re: this finding:

The subhead eMarketer went with for the article by the way was “B2C and US-based companies lead the way.”

Lead the way?

I’m sorry, I forgot this was 2005 so the fact that a whopping 53% of B2C companies track and follow up what consumers are saying about them via social media is supposed to be a good thing.


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