From Forbes: The Only Question Is When–Not If–You Will Become an Entrepreneur (Something I Learned The Hard Way)

When asked to explain how he had come to be a hero, John F. Kennedy replied “It was involuntary. They sank my boat.”

 Keep Kennedy’s response in mind.  Because at some point in the future, when people ask you how you became an entrepreneur, you are likely to say something similar.  Your response is probaly going to boil down to: “I had no choice.”

The theme this week at is “are you an entrepreneur?”

I say this with all the respect that is due to the people who are posing the question: It is the wrong thing to be asking.

Just about everyone—and the exceptions make up only a tiny part of the population—is going to have to learn to be entrepreneurial.

You don’t have to go further than Main Street to see why that is case. The place where you used to rent your movies is gone; so is the CD store. And speaking of stores, how much time are you spending in brick and establishments—and it is doesn’t matter is we are talking about your local bank; insurance agent or clothing store. Odds are it is a lot less than you to, thanks to the convenience of the worldwide web.

The upheaval is not limited to simple retail. Publishing in all forms has been changed forever; so has apparel (buy much/any clothing made in the USA recently?)  Respected universities let you do most of the course work that will lead to an advanced degree online.  And taking out a map or atlas to search for directions is as quaint as using a pay phone.

And the rate of change is only increasing.

All this change  is likely to throw you—and anyone else who is not prepared—out of a job.

It’s not hyperbole. It’s just fact.  Ask any banker who used to sell no money down mortgages or someone who was employed as a directory assistance operator.

The only thing you are able to count on when it comes to how you are going to make your living is you.


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